CIRCLING – The Space Between Us
Every Tuesday of March 2023, 18 – 20pm
Palermo, Buenos Aires. Argentina.
Sign up Via Whatsapp: +44 (0) 7762 219 886

Circling is an interrelated meditation practise which brings us into contact with what is. It is a space in which we can practise making contact with ourselves, with the other and with the space we cohabit. It helps us refine our capacity to relate, and become more intimate with the nature of the relationship itself. It gives us the chance to step into more attuned, honest and authentic ways of being with ourselves and with the other.

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New Online Course in English

Embodiment and Flow (Online Course)
Special Discount of 10% using my code (case sensitive): Roger_10

On this Rebel Wisdom Course you’ll experience:

  • Live sessions with leading embodiment teachers
  • Breathwork, Movement, Bodywork, Mindfulness and Rhythm practices
  • Your unique embodiment needs and how to meet them
  • Practices you can apply immediately to your daily life 
  • Collaboration and support from others on the course

You’ll Learn: 

  • The science, psychology and philosophy of embodiment and flow
  • How to make sense of culture from an embodied perspective
  • How to relate to yourself, other people and the world more fully
  • Theories, models and techniques from a workbook and films
  • How to develop your own embodiment and flow practices
Course Structure

This course is designed primarily as a process that will teach you tools you can bring into your own life straight away. We’ve designed it to include a rich variety of practices, exercises and ways to connect so that no two people will have the same experience on the course.

The live sessions will take place on Thursday evenings UK time, and last for 1 hour and 45 minutes each. They’ll act as experiential introductions to different embodiment practices. All sessions will be recorded and uploaded the next day so you can access them at any time, even if you can’t attend them live.

Throughout the course you’ll have the option to develop your own unique embodiment and flow practices. Through our course environment hosted on Mighty Networks, you’ll be able to find other participants on a similar embodiment journey to your own and connect for support, accountability and inquiry.

You’ll also have access to a workbook, a curated library of Rebel Wisdom films with top embodiment and connection teachers like Bessel van der Kolk, Gabor Mate, Diane Musho Hamilton, and Peter Levine.

The Process

We’ll begin the course by establishing a theoretical scaffolding to help us deepen our experience and refer back to over the five weeks. Professor John Vervaeke will explain embodiment in terms of ‘4E’ cognitive science, which theorises that our experience of the world isn’t just processed in our heads, but is also embodied, embedded, enacted, and extended. He’ll also explain how we can create the conditions for flow states in our day to day lives. Rafe Kelley, parkour pioneer and founder of Evolve Move Play, will build off Vervaeke’s framing to provide a series of exercises you can do day to day, including a ‘movement diet’ you can choose to develop throughout the course.  Similarly, Dr. Shama Rahman will provide a series of resources and exercises on the neuroscience of flow and creativity you can use throughout the five weeks.

In the following week, Somatic Experiencing therapist and bodyworker Roger Jackson will guide you through techniques to help you start to listen deeply to the inner wisdom of your body. In the next session, renowned breathwork teacher Nicola Price will guide you through a breathwork session and share how to create your own breath practice.

In week four, embodiment coach Schuyler Brown will host a session on ‘Cultural Embodiment’ – taking a live cultural conversation and teaching you how to make sense of it through an embodied lens as a group. Finally, we’ll bring it all together in our final session, Rhythm, with drummer and workshop leader Tom Morley showing you how to come into flow as a group, and why it’s such a wonderful tool for cohesion and collaboration.

Course Dates: Begins 9 June, 2022 and runs for five weeks 
Price: £295 / $360
Special Discount of 10% using my code (case sensitive): Roger_10

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Residential course in Mallorca


The Harmonic Rocking® technique is an innovative system of education through movement. Using gentle, non-intrusive movements, it helps release deep-seated mental and physical patterns, facilitates deep relaxation, and increases physical mobility and mental clarity.

Harmonic Rocking® is based on Polyvagal Theory and during the course you will learn about the freeze response, fight/flight response and social engagement stabilisation, helping the patient to regulate their system and enter into a more fluid, open and calm experience.

When and Where:
From July 29 to August 7, 2022
At DIMA, Mallorca @dima_mallorca
Early Payment Discount

Information and bookings:
Spazio – Californian Massage School
Telephone: +34 693 059 088
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We are pleased to invite you to this wonderful experience in Mallorca: a residential course on how to address the renegotiation of trauma through touch and movement, taught in a context supportive of personal growth .

When a person experiences the effects of trauma, it can produce a wide range of uncomfortable emotions and somatic sensations. Symptoms associated with the freeze state (eg, depression, chronic fatigue, disengagement, pain) are common, as are symptoms of excess sympathetic energy (eg, stress, anxiety, restlessness, anger, inability to relax).

This five-day course is an opportunity for you to learn how to accompany people who have suffered and are suffering the various effects of trauma through healthy contact and through movements that facilitate the release of traumatic stress.

You will learn techniques, resources and useful strategies to renegotiate the effects of trauma and the regulation of the nervous system through touch and other modalities. The course will give an introduction to both developmental and shock trauma and how to accompany people in each case.

When and Where:
From August 30th to September 4th, 2022
At DIMA, Mallorca @dima_mallorca

For whom
This course is aimed at psychologists, therapists, massage therapists and health professionals.

5 days of training, accommodation and mealsPrice: €720
Discount for Reservations before July 31: €620**
Discount for recurring students of 20% on the price of the course (not accommodation)

Information and bookings:
Spazio – Californian Massage School
Telephone: +34 693 059 088

New Course with Roger Jackson and Gustavo Rodio

Aligning – The Power of Connection (Course in Spanish)

Healing the wounds of trauma and aligning with our purpose

In this weekend workshop, you will discover a set of self-applicable body and psycho-spiritual techniques for empowerment and healing of the wounds of your trauma.

We will be working to achieve physical comfort that allows us to fully “feel the body”, thus generating a first connection with ourselves. We will use techniques that make it easier to get out of states of defensive activation in order to be in contact with ourselves.

From that own embodied connection, you can practice the more complex and subtle levels of connection with the other and with the world. Making contact with these three levels (personal, other, and with the world) opens the possibility of entering the state of flow and the possibility of entering into a deeper connection with our existential purpose.

By taking this course, you will leave with your own tools to put into practice and embody, to enter states of flow and improve your response to everyday situations. Better able to be listening to the messages of personal, transgenerational, collective and universal consciousness.

For whom ? :
This course is open to everyone with no prior training required. Especially useful for therapists, masseurs, psychologists, psycho-therapists.

Roger Jackson –
Gustavo Rodio –

Dates and Times
Barcelona 14, 15 and 16 October 2022
Friday: 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., Saturday: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Sunday: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Supporting Price (For people with a higher income, who want to ease the way for someone who does not have to pay for the course): €300
Normal Price: €220

Information and bookings:
Spazio – Californian Massage School
Telephone: +34 693 059 088

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