MyoFascial Deep Tissue Massage Course

Treatment of Chronic Pain and Reorganisation of Posture through the Mobilisation of Connective Tissue and Deep Muscle layers.

This form of body work is of a genuinely therapeutic nature and those patients who want to receive a truly deep massage find this technique more relaxing than any other.

This work is intimately intertwined with the principles of anatomy and biomechanics. Given that part of its objective is to produce structural changes it is more inclined to follow pre-established protocols.

The Myofascial function and the deep muscle structures will be thoroughly detailed in this course. You will learn the subtle art of working with different levels of pressure within the fine lines, and beneath the threshold, of tolerable discomfort of each patient, without ever passing it.

What does the MyoFascial Deep Tissue Course consist of?

This course integrates traditional and modern concepts with the aim to prepare the student to work with a wide range of patients. They will learn to examine the specific individual’s needs and to design sessions based on these needs.

This is an advanced massage course that is recommended for massage practitioners with previous experience. The liberation of tension situated deeply within the body requires an extremely acute sensitivity to understand the physical and emotional nature of the afflicted soft tissue. The emphasis of this class will be the development of the subtle perception and consciousness of the conjunctive deep tissue.

Since this style of bodywork frequently transits near tolerable limits of pain, it is of utmost importance that the class be a safe and structured environment in which you can develop your intuition, learn to detect areas of stiffness and pain as well as notice changes in quality and texture in the deep muscle layers, before bringing what has been learned to your professional practice.

The class works regionally on the body with a particular focus on identifying specific muscles, muscle groups, and bony protrusions. In each area, the characteristic problems will be studied and specific techniques for their treatment will be learned.

Why Study MyoFascial Deep Tissue Massage?

Myo-Fascial Deep Tissue Massage uses a set of techniques that distinguish it from other forms of body work. We will study how to effectively use different parts of the hands, phalanges, knuckles, forearms and elbows in specific positions and movements designed to respond to the various characteristics and problems of the tissue that improve the effectiveness of this work.

Movement is a fundamental aspect of the Deep Tissue work taught in this program. Joint movements, passive mobilizations and stretches are incorporated directly into the routines of this work. Given the slowness and depth with which these techniques are applied, the efficient use of body posture is vital to improve the quality and sensitivity of your work and increase your comfort.

By doing this training you will receive cutting-edge techniques to promote health and pain treatment. You will achieve excellence in your professional practice.

You will take away from this course:

– Greater security when attending
– Greater depth in your work
– The necessary care for the massage therapist (avoid bad postures, etc.)
– Appropriate positioning of patient and therapist.
– Applied structural anatomy and muscular physiology
– How to use Myofascial Deep Tissue massage to reduce stress and specific applications for previously diagnosed diverse conditions.
– Mobilisations of articulations and basic stretches for the liberation of tension.
– How to design individual sessions for each patient.

The study program of Myofascial Deep Tissue Massage is aimed for those who wish to develop the sensitivity to contact non superficial structural tension and be able to initiate a series of changes in the patient that will continue unfolding with time.

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