I am a Somatic Experiencing® practitioner and member of the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute (SETI, USA), the Brazilian Association of Trauma (Brazil) and The Somatic Experiencing Association UK (SEAUK). I am also a member of the Complimentary Medical Association UK.

I have been a body worker and somatic therapist for fifteen years and in this time, I have accompanied many people on their processes of healing. I feel blessed to be able to help people improve their lives and discover the path to a state of flowing, empowered, alive health.

I teach regulation of the nervous system as a tool to self empowerment and health improvement, and invite clients to work through all emotion that is tied into negative experiences and imprinted on the body.

I am certified as a body worker in Esalen® Massage, Californian Oasis Massage®, Deep Tissue Massage, Harmonic Rocking, Lomi Lomi Massage, Trigger Point Therapy and the fundamentals of Gestalt therapy.

I first became interested in healing and well being at a young age due to my own health problems. After finishing a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from the University of Reading UK, I followed my heart felt impulse towards the healing arts.

I completed a three-year Iyengar Yoga training course with Ananda Yoga in Buenos Aires and a three-year diploma in Californian Oasis Massage® in OASIS – School of Massage and Healing Arts, under the tutelage of Ingrid May and Nadia Mac Namara. This was a life changing experience which was both personally healing and helped my understanding of the close link between our emotional states and our health.

I continued studying intensely over the coming years and deepened my knowledge of body work and the healing process, becoming an Esalen® Massage Practitioner with Ingrid May and Silvia Guersensvaig, studying Deep Bodywork® with Perry and Johanna Holloman and Trager® technique with Trager UK. I spent 10 years supervising my massage clients with a Jungian psychologist and became very familiar with the work of Carl Jung and the psychological archetypes. Over the past fifteen years I have studied the conscious dance programs of 5Rhythms® and Soul Motion®; I have meditated using Vipassana techniques and have had the fortune to spend time with Mooji, teacher of Advaita Vedanta.

From 2012 until 2022 I was the director of OASIS – School of Massage and Healing Arts, Buenos Aires and for ten years I had the privilege to accompany many students on their own process of personal healing and self-discovery.

I am also currently a faculty member of SPAZIO – School of Californian Massage, Spain. All of my classes and sessions are held within a context of loving support, personal growth and healing. www.MasajeCaliforniano.com

In 2021 I discovered Circling and undertook the Circling SAS Leadership training, certifying in February 2022. I am now offering Circling in both in person and online formats. Find out more in the courses section.

I am temporarily living in Buenos Aires and working exclusively online. I am also leading online and in person Circling spaces as well as teaching through different schools throughout Europe. I travel regularly to Barcelona, Madrid and Mallorca to teach classes.

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