Harmonic Rocking®

Massage techniques and subconscious reeducation through movement.

The technique of Hamacados Armonicos® (Harmonic Rocking) is an innovative system of education through movement. Utilizing smooth and non-intrusive movements, it helps to liberate deep-set physical and mental patterns, facilitating profound relaxation and augmenting physical mobility and mental clarity. A session lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. No oils or lotions are used and the patient may use either swimwear or underwear.

During the session, the therapist moves the patient in a smooth and rhythmic manner, such that the receiver experiences this movement for himself without force. What most distinguishes the technique of Hamacados Armonicos® (Harmonic Rocking) from other somatic disciplines is the intention of the mobilizations of the therapist, aimed at the smooth liberation of rigid patterns in the mind of the patient. This work allows interaction with the subconscious content of the mind. Each movement communicates to the patient how the muscle tissue can feel when the mind is in peace. 

When the therapist finds a rigid limb or contractured muscles, his response is not to create a confrontation, nor work with more strength to soften them. Through the movements of his hands he asks, how could this tissue be loose and free? Moving himself with the patient towards the understanding of how it feels to let go, the therapist anchors this feeling in the consciousness of the receiver, until he himself can agree without force to live with this natural sensation.

Since it involves waiting, this sensitivity must be previously established in the character of the therapist before he is able to share it beneficially with another person. For this reason, it is crucial that the therapist himself cultivates an understanding of his true nature, which is reflected in a meditative consciousness.

The technique of Hamacados Armonicos® (Harmonic Rocking) requires a subtlety and sensitivity similar to those utilized to play a musical instrument, inviting those who practice to discover the natural patterns of the body.

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