Side Lying and PreNatal Massage

Techniques of Californian Oasis® Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Harmonic Rocking® for pregnant women.

Imagine inhabiting a body that constantly gains weight, principally in the central area, in such a way that you have to make numerous and uncomfortable compensations of posture, just to remain upright. Given that our centre of gravity shifts, the abdominal muscles weaken, stretch and separate causing compression in the lumbar region and pelvis, which has shifted forward, creating an exaggerated lordosis of the lumbar region and tension in the sacroiliac articulation. In this case, when we walk it is necessary to pull ourselves backwards, and in doing so we generate more tension in the lumbar region.

It is easy to understand that this kind of body is not comfortable to live with. But for a pregnant woman, this can become reality during the last months of her pregnancy. Fortunately, the impact of therapeutic massage in the prevention and alleviation of many of these discomforts is profound. Regular massage sessions can mean the difference between a pleasurable pregnancy without tension and one defined by pains and discomforts.

Therapeutic massage also has a direct influence on fetal development. Recently conducted studies confirm that women that utilise relaxation techniques, such as massage, on a regular basis, encourage a more healthy uterine ambient and their babies are subsequently calmer.

Massage helps to control the pain, aids relaxation during birth and can also help to accelerate it. The partner of the pregnant woman may feel confident enough to take an active roll through massage during the birth process.

The rapid changes that a woman experiences after the birth may pass expeditiously with the support of massage. Massage can be taken directly after the birth to encourage the complete expulsion of the placenta, and regularly to help alleviate back pains, stress, fatigue, head aches and depressions.

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