Esalen® Massage

Esalen® Massage originated from the world famous Esalen Institute® in Big Sur, California, the home to the creation of many of today’s largest alternative health and transpersonal psychology movements including the 5Rhythms®, Trager®, Rolfing® and Gestalt therapy.

This groundbreaking massage style is defined by the flowing strokes that create a calming and enveloping wave of nourishment, love and respect. It is in the quality of the touch, the expression of heart-full-ness where this massage allows a true meeting between therapist and client and brings about the deep sense of being seen.

Before beginning the session, the therapist looks to ground himself in a calm and centred state and works without effort, allowing his hands, forearms and elbows to melt into the client’s tight tissue, a loving invitation to open the body and release muscle tension.

It is this soft and non-aggressive manner to enter the body tissue which creates an invitation of openness on all levels. This invitation often has a profound impact, opening tissue, and creating a deep feeling of being accepted and loved which is hugely beneficial to anyone who has experienced different types of trauma, especially developmental trauma.

In this sense, the role of the Esalen® therapist is to open himself up, beyond judgements to a place of complete acceptance of what is happening in the body and to accompanying the client. This can be a deeply healing and transformative meeting.

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