An interpersonal meditative practise to explore ourselves, the other and the relationship between us.

Circling is an interrelated meditation practise which brings us into contact with what is. It is a space in which we can practise making contact with ourselves, with the other and with the space we cohabit. It helps us refine our capacity to relate, and become more intimate with the nature of the relationship itself. It gives us the chance to step into more attuned, honest and authentic ways of being with ourselves and with the other.

Circling is a deep process of being with each other right where we are. It is being with each other and noticing what flourishes out of the real process of relating. There is something extremely powerful about being with each other in our worlds and the unfolding of self which occurs naturally. This can be profound, especially for people who have experienced developmental and attachment trauma.

This practise can facilitate the recognition of parts of ourselves that are being held back from relatedness and allow for the practise of their integration. This process tends to bring a sense of spaciousness of being.

Circling is not a therapeutic process designed to improve an issue someone is having, nor is it a coaching process which helps you to get somewhere you want to be. It is the art of being intimate with what is.

We bring a profound commitment to be with the state of connection or disconnection and bring our curiosity to it. Through this practise we become more attuned at noticing what creates more energy, aliveness and flow within us, and when and where we feel that we get stuck.


I trained with Circling Europe and we use five basic principles of Circling to help guide us. These principles are:

  1. Own your experience. This means really bringing what’s happening for you without trying to filter it and naming what is definitely true: “I feel angry”. This way we practise taking responsibility for our own experiences and not projecting outwards onto others “You’re an idiot!”.
  2. Trusting Experience. Trusting that, what arises is supposed to be there, that there is nothing essentially wrong with you and that it is okay to be having these experiences.
  3. Commitment to connection. Commitment to be with what is coming up in ourselves and in the relationship and commitment to be with it, no matter what it is like, whether it be comfortable or uncomfortable.
  4. Stay at the level of sensations. Keep our noticing grounded in our felt senses and the reactions within our body and our emotions as we practice being with the other.
  5. Being with the other in their world. A compassionate and curious approach to the other person, avoiding assumptions and prior knowledge, to explore what it is like to be the other person.

There is one further principle that I use which is:

6.    Prioritize depth. Prioritize that which feels more profound over that which feels more shallow or superficial.

Circling can take different forms and through this process we will use these different forms to circle. These can include

1) Diads or triads: two or three people sat together being with each other in their worlds.

2) Birthday Circling: where one or two circling leaders hold a space where everyone in the circle brings their attention to one person, or

3) Surrendered leadership: where no-one leads the circle and everyone drops into a state of surrendered attuning into what feels most alive in the group.

During this process you will have the chance to experience all of these styles of circling. 


Circling is for everyone interested in knowing themselves better and practising relating. It is not necessary to have any prior experience of any kind. Come and get involved!

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