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Somatic Therapy

This work is a combination of Somatic Experiencing®, plus a host of other neurological, psychological and spiritual practices that I have discovered over the past fifteen years of personal investigation which have in some way touched me personally and helped me to better regulate myself.

It is a great time to deepen our personal practices, to work on ourselves and heal the traumas of our past. Online or in person somatic therapy is a great way for you to practise your somatic awareness and to discover tools for self regulation to help stay strong, flexible and centred when facing the unknown.

The sessions are one hour long and can be used to focused on anything that is troubling you, from past stories, to current fears, or simply working from the bodies felt sense out and discovering more ways to self – regulate.

I offer a free 20 minute initial consultation via video call for us to get to know each other and to discuss your motives and aims.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Contact me here.

What are Somatic Therapies?

Somatic therapy can take different forms but refers to any type of therapy in which the body takes centre stage, and the felt sense of the body is the starting point of our work. The term felt sense was coined by the american psychotherapist Eugene Gendlin. He used this term, referring to the capacity to check in with the feelings and sensations of the body, or the sensation of knowing that which arises in the body and is often unconscious or as yet unnoticed.

A therapeutic process using somatic therapy is always a very personal experience which follows no set protocols, but looks to establish trust and understanding with the client, so that we can work together to give space and openness to that which arises and that which the client wishes to transform in their lives.

During a Somatic Experiencing® Session.

Somatic Experiencing®

I use Somatic Experiencing® which is a body based therapy designed specifically to work with trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) developed by Dr Peter Levine.

Somatic Experiencing looks to discharge excess stress (undischarged sympathetic energy) and help clients move out of states of shutdown or freeze state, allowing them to discover a dynamic equilibrium to their health. This style of work is extremely helpful in healing the nervous system, leaving you empowered, open, relaxed and ready to go.

This work can be done in person or online. Currently, sessions can be taken online or in person.

Massage Therapy

I use massage as a vehicle for relaxation, self discovery and healing. Through careful and conscious touch, I look to help clients open areas of their bodies which otherwise feet closed, shut down or in pain. Using felt sense and advanced massage techniques we look to free the body from the effects of tension. This helps the client get in touch with their body and with any feelings occurring in the body and often helps the client reorganise into a more comfortable holding position. Massage is a wonderful tool for self discovery, for relaxation, for improved coherence between the different physiological systems of the body and in general, a great way of feeling better.

Why take a therapeutic massage?

Why take a massage? The reasons to take a massage are wide ranging depending on your needs. Massage is a millenary tradition of healing with scientifically proven positive effects upon our health and well being.

When we are holding tension in our skeletal-muscle system it can have many adverse effects upon our physical, emotional and psychological well being. A good massage can be the means to alleviate tension and open up the doorway to improved health and happiness.
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Why try Somatic Experiencing®?

The Somatic Experiencing® method is a body-oriented approach to the healing of trauma and other stress disorders. It is the life’s work of Dr. Peter A. Levine, resulting from his multidisciplinary study of stress physiology, psychology, ethology, biology, neuroscience, indigenous healing practices, and medical biophysics, together with over 45 years of successful clinical application.

The SE approach releases traumatic shock, which is key to transforming PTSD and the wounds of emotional trauma…

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