Californian Oasis® Massage

Californian Oasis® Massage is my bespoke massage which can be specialised to meet your exact needs. It is a deeply relaxing massage which combines various conscious bodywork styles and has been proven to help in the healing process of many different symptoms and syndromes.

Californian Oasis® Massage is the culmination of years of investigation and work in the field of massage and conscious body work including Esalen® Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, TriggerPoint Release, Lomi Lomi Massage, Swedish Massage and Harmonic Rocking®. It find it’s roots in Esalen® massage whilst incorporating a vast array of deeper strokes and movements. It works simultaneously on various fronts to generate a truly holistic treatment.

It is in the quality of contact expressed through the smoothness and sensitivity of the hands, the invitation towards the opening of the breath where this massage stands apart from others; inviting us into a place of deep healing and well being.

It is a common to experience after taking this massage to have the feeling of “coming home” or coming back to ourselves.

It’s meditative nature allows all experiences, ranging from the most common physical experiences to those of a more subtle nature, or those of a greater emotional content, to be warmly wrapped within a respectful level of caring.

This allows each gesture to become an artistic expression of the divine, of the love that unites everything, inspiring and evoking as much in he who gives the massage as in he who receives it.

The Science

From a technical point of view, Californian Oasis massage is a combination of:

  • varied and creative compressions,
  • detoxifying stretches,
  • long slow strokes over the skin,
  • gliding compressions,
  • kneading,
  • sculpting of the deep tissue,
  • passive manipulation of joints,
  • subtle and rhythmic rocking,
  • gentle holds for integration and expansion,
  • delicate cranial-sacral balancing
  • and the precise detail of neuromuscular work.

This massage is marked within an embracing wave that progresses through different rhythms, by the means of fluid and continuous transitions. It is characterised primarily by its capacity to simultaneously pay attention to detail whilst not losing sight of the totality of the individual. The technique follows with precision the anatomical and functional details of the areas that are causing you pain, to later verify and integrate the obtained results through tests of passive movement of the body.

Through this procedure it acts on a mechanical and functional level of the anatomical structures, and later establishes contact with the unconscious patterns which are frequently the initial cause, and the sustaining problem, of the pains that are treated.

The true and most important aim of the quality of contact is to help you relax. This process of relaxation occurs by feeling that we are in a safe place; by feeling that we will be looked after and that the bodywork will be given in a loving and respectful way. This in turn will help trigger the correct functioning of the vagus nerve and the accompanying nerves of the social engagement system. It is through the healthy functioning of these systems that we activate the health promoting functions of the nervous system.

What is a session like?

A Californian Oasis® Massage session will start with a conversation to find out what you need to receive during the session and will also include a few simple tests to help design the treatment plan. Once your goals have been established and a treatment plan is in place, we will begin the massage.

The work will take place lying down on a massage table. Before the session begins you will be left alone for a moment to undress to the level you are comfortable with and to lay on the table, draped by the sheets.

During the session, you may be asked to change position; body work can be done face-down, face-up, side-lying or sitting, depending on the needs that the session presents. Throughout your time there will be just enough communication to make sure you are feeling alright and to make sure you are getting what you want . In general, body work is better received almost in silence, allowing both therapist and client to enter a more meditative state. This will help you enter into a clearer space of felt sense, being able to make contact with the sensations of the body as the massage progresses.

Once your session has finished you will have a few moments of calm, before being left alone to get changed.

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